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Special Student Services

Military Science

The Military Science Program is a coeducational program designed to prepare students for positions of leadership in military service or civilian life. Seventy percent of all Army officers come from Army ROTC programs at universities throughout the country. The U.S. Army is earnestly seeking to attract mature young men and women with graduate degrees. Consequently, a special two-year military science program is available to graduate students.

By successfully completing this Military Science Program, a student is eligible to become an Army officer. Depending upon the individual’s desires and the needs of the service, the graduate may serve on active duty for three years or serve in the National Guard or Army Reserve. Regardless of academic major, a student, through Military Science, should find direct application for the academic training received at the university or valuable training and experience in a related career field.

Requirements for Admission

Graduate students whose anticipated tenure at SFA is two years may participate in the pre-commissioning two-year program. They should bear in mind though that the courses required in the Military Science Program are not creditable for graduate degrees. The student’s graduate program should be planned accordingly.

An interview with the department chair and a physical examination are required. A veteran of any military service, students who participated in any service ROTC, and those who participated in JROTC in high school are eligible to receive credit for the basic course of Army ROTC (first two years). If this does not apply, the student may attend the Leaders Training Course at Fort Knox, KY., for four weeks during the summer. The Department of the Army pays travel to and from Fort Knox, and the student receives pay and allowances during the period of attendance.

The student receives a tax-free stipend of $450-500 per month while participating in the Military Science Program. The student will attend the Leadership Development and Assessment Course during the summer between the two years of military science instruction.

All uniforms and equipment are issued by the Department of Military Science at no charge to the student. A number of government-funded postgraduate study programs are available to qualified students who complete the commissioning requirements.

Additional information concerning this program may be obtained in person at the Military Science Building, or by contacting the Department of Military Science at P.O. Box 13059, SFA Station, Nacogdoches, Texas 75962 or (936) 468-4505.