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The College of Liberal and Applied Arts

Department of Psychology:
Graduate Program

The graduate program is designed to augment the credentials of people who are interested in applying for admission to doctoral programs in psychology. The curriculum will increase individuals’ chances of being accepted to doctoral programs by enabling them to earn grades in graduate-level courses and to gain valuable research and teaching experience.

Our degree plan also may be of interest to individuals who would like to earn a master's degree in psychology as a means of achieving their professional goals, such as acquiring solid research skills. We envision our curriculum being of considerable value to individuals currently in the workforce who have had some coursework in psychology (although not necessarily a psychology major) and would now like to enhance their professional skills and advancement potential. Thus, the program can meet the needs of both those already pursuing careers and those attempting to gain admission to a doctoral program in psychology.

Degree Candidacy

Admission to degree candidacy is a requirement for graduation, as well as a prerequisite to enrollment in PSY 589 – Thesis Research and PSY 590 – Thesis Writing.

To be admitted to departmental degree candidacy students must achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.0.

Required Courses
  • PSY 501 (3) - Design and Analysis I
  • PSY 507 (3) - Design and Analysis II
  • PSY 517 (3) - Ethics and Research in Psychology
  • PSY 523 (3) - Advanced General
  • PSY 550 (3) - Seminar in Psychology (nine hrs. for thesis students, 15 hrs. for non-thesis students)
  • PSY 585 (3) - Graduate Research Seminar (six hrs. total)
Elective Course (As approved by the graduate coordinator, three hrs.)
  • PSY 525 (3) - Teaching Seminar
  • PSY 504 (3) - Biopsychology
  • PSY 518 (3) - Advanced Psychopathology
  • PSY 508 (3) - Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 514 (3) - Organizational Psychology
Second Year Thesis Option
  • PSY 589 (three hrs. in Fall) - Thesis Research
  • PSY 590 (three hrs. in Spring) - Thesis Writing

Total: 36 hrs.