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Graduate Study

Review of Doctoral Students’ Academic Progress

A formal review of each doctoral student’s academic progress will be conducted subsequent to three years of full-time enrollment by the appointed graduate adviser within the department and/or respective college. In all cases, the review process will be initiated within the program/ department and follow the guidelines developed by the program/department. Each review will result in a progress profile to be shared with the student. Accumulation of doctoral hours in excess of 99 while failing to complete the degree will constitute unsatisfactory progress and will result in the termination of the student’s degree program. In the case when a student’s program is terminated, she/he may request a Post-Termination Review to be conducted by the department chair, graduate program adviser and dean of the college. The Post-Termination Review may result in a recommendation for reinstatement to the Dean of Graduate School. An appeal for reinstatement beyond the Post-Termination Review may be made in writing to the University Graduate Council.