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The James I. Perkins College of Education

Department of Secondary Education and Educational Leadership:
Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Leadership (Principal Preparation Program)

The Principal Preparation Certification and Master’s of Education Leadership Degree Program is an advanced study in professional education in a cohort setting. A student must take total of 30 semester hours for the Master’s of Education Degree and the Principal Certification. Within the 30 hours, each student will complete an action research project. Each course has a required field-based component. Some of the field-based experiences will be required activities or projects and will be developed by the student and the professor, while other experiences will be determined by the student and mentor/supervisor.

In addition to the required integrated field experience, students will have the opportunity to take an internship course. In this internship course, the students will complete 100 hours of internship activities at all instructional levels (i.e., elementary, middle and high school) in the school, school district and community. Multicultural educational experiences and technology skills will be an integrated part of each course. Students will complete a comprehensive examination and practical inquiry project as the culminating points in this degree program. The student will take the TExES TEST to attain certification when all program requirements are complete. Students in the 30-hour program are required to complete a comprehensive exam when enrolled in their last six hours of the program.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should already possess:

  • Undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university Teaching certification
  • Overall grade-point average of 2.5 and a grade-point average of 2.8 on the last 60 hours of undergraduate work (exclusive of freshmen-level courses), each on a 4.0 scale
  • Two years of teaching experience
Required Admission Documents
  • Application to graduate school
  • Application fee payable to the SFA Graduate School
  • Official transcripts of all college/university credit
Principal Preparation Program
  • Application to the Principal Preparation Program
  • Required GPA standing
  • Two years teaching experience
Course Requirements
School Administration
AED 501Introduction to Educational Leadership.

Study and application of the historical, research, philosophical, theoretical, demographic forces, and required strategic planning skills to provide learner-centered leadership (20 field-based hours required).

  • Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Principal Preparation Program.
AED 513Administration of Special Services.

Organization and administration of career, technical-vocational, special education, reading and other programs in the public schools (20 field-based hours required).

AED 516The School Principalship K-12.

The preparation and qualification of the successful school principal, including duties, responsibilities, and problems (20 field-based hours required).

  • Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Principal Preparation Program.
AED 519Instructional Leadership.

The improvement of curriculum and instruction in the school through facilitative leadership and collaborative planning with theory and practice of instructional supervision K-12. Includes an overview of the professional development appraisal system. (20 field-based hours required.)

AED 549Foundations of Curriculum.

A study of the sociological and psychological forces that affect curriculum planning and the utilization of these forces in establishing goals and priorities for grades K-12 (20 field-based hours required).

AED 552School and Community Relations.

Cooperative development of school- community relationships and mutual understanding of the school’s purposes, functions, achievements, and needs (20 field-based hours required).

AED 554Practicum for the School Principal.

This course includes from one to three semester hours of individual study. The candidate will participate in actual real-world leadership and management experiences in the school and community. The internship will be under the guidance of successful, experienced, practicing public school administrators, and members of the university staff. This internship is an intensive, 100-hour field-based experience that will provide the intern with an opportunity to apply theory to practice and to perfect s

  • Prerequisite(s): A candidate in the program must have completed AED 599 and passed the TEXES TEST before enrolling in this course.
AED 565Public School Law.

The law in relation to public school operation (20 field-based hours required).

AED 591Practical Inquiry and Action Research I.

A study of research methodologies, practical inquiry and action research related to educational leadership in the K-12 school setting to focus on the improvement of practice and completion of the active research plan. (No field-based hours required.)

Note: In place of AED 591, students can take the following courses: AED 589, AED 590.

AED 599Synthesis of Educational Leadership.

A capstone series of seminars designed to assist practicing school administrators in the examination of crucial issues and problems in educational administration. Includes TExES preparation. (60 field-based hours required for Principal Preparation Master's Program; 100 field-based hours required for 18-Hour Certification-Only Program).