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The Nelson Rusche College of Business

Gerald W. Schlief School of Accountancy:
Five-Year Program

The M.P.A./B.B.A. degree consists of 120 hours undergraduate and 36 hours graduate.

Undergraduate requirements

Consult the SFA undergraduate bulletin and the School of Accountancy for current requirements.

Graduate year:

Fall (15 hrs.):

  • ACC Elective (graduate credit) (3 hrs.)
  • FIN 510 or 554 (3 hrs.)
  • ACC 547 (3 hrs.)
  • ACC 521 (3 hrs.)
  • Elective (graduate credit) (3 hrs.)

Spring (15 hrs.):

  • ACC 532 (3 hrs.)
  • ACC Elective (graduate credit) (3 hrs.)
  • ACC Elective (graduate credit) (3 hrs.)
  • Elective (graduate credit) (3 hrs.)
  • BCM 520 (3 hrs.)

A student must apply for admission and be admitted to the M.P.A. program and graduate school no later than the semester prior to the first semester of enrolling in any 500-level course. The two-step admission process is:

  • Receive clear admission to the M.P.A. program. Requirements for admission are:
    • completion of at least 75 hours (including all 100/200-level courses plus a minimum of 15 hours of accounting)
    • cumulative GPA of 2.5
    • 2.5 accounting GPA or better in all accounting courses completed at the time of admission and maintain a C or better in all accounting courses.
  • Receive clear admission to graduate school. Requirements include:
    • 3.5 or higher overall undergraduate GPA (including all transfer work). No GMAT score required. Or, overall undergraduate GPA x 200 + GMAT score = 950 or higher.
    • file formal application for admission to graduate school.