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Transfer of Credit

Under certain circumstances, a graduate student may transfer from six to 12 semester hours of graduate coursework taken at other accredited institutions. The student pursuing a master’s degree with thesis may transfer a maximum of six semester hours; a student pursuing a master’s degree without thesis may transfer a maximum of 12 semester hours.

To transfer any credit from other institutions, however, the student must submit an official transcript of the courses to be considered and have the approval of the appropriate academic department and academic dean. The work must have been taken not earlier than six years prior to the student’s first graduate enrollment at SFA. Moreover, if the student fails to complete work on the graduate degree at SFA before the expiration of the six years, the transfer credit will not be applicable toward a degree here.

Any course accepted by transfer will carry credit but not grade-point value. Moreover, to transfer credit, the student must have earned a grade of B or better on the course.

The exception is that ALL hours earned in an SFA certificate program can be considered for transfer into a graduate degree program.